Adviser Spotlight: Ryan Del Rosario

Ryan Del Rosario (Delta Epsilon #924) is an alum of the University of Puget Sound where he was a re-founding father and Chapter President. Although he did not join the fraternity until his junior year, Beta was an integral part of his college experience and has led to many unique  opportunities. Currently, Ryan serves fraternity as a Leadership Consultant for the Administrative Office. In this role, he works to support all chapters in the East Great Lakes region – including the Beta Nu Chapter at the University of Cincinnati.


Adviser Spotlight: Adam Hershorin

“I held several positions as an undergrad including Pledge Ed, Ritual Chair, and Interim VP. Currently I am the Risk Management advisor.
Beta affected me in innumerable ways. Beta became my home away from home while I lived there. It gave me my first friends when I first came to school as well as providing my best friends for life, and my best memories from college. It gave me the opportunity to have my viewpoints challenged, and forced me to develop and grow as a Man of Principle.
I was given the opportunity to hold leadership positions and was fortunate enough to be able to go to several leadership conferences through Beta and the Greek Community. It’s obviously very difficult to encapsulate 4+ years of experience into a few sentences, but Beta for me was college. When I think back to school, I don’t think of classes or doing homework, but of my experiences and time within Beta.
There are four men who stick out in my mind who helped shape me into the man I am today and they were all Beta Brothers and friends for life. In Beta I was steeped in 176 years of tradition and it filled me with pride to be a part of that tradition and to help carry it on as an undergrad, and now to continue to help polish and refine the Beta Diamond as an adviser.”
Adam Hershorin
Risk Management Advisor
Beta Nu 2237

Adviser Spotlight: Timothy Naab

“My privilege in serving Beta Nu as Recruitment Adviser has been remarkable. I am truly honored to act in counsel with my fellow advisers, to our active brothers, as we strive to be ‘Men of Principle,’ seeking best behaviors, best opportunities and best measures of success, in our endeavors to continue to exceed expectation in our award winning legacy, tradition and contribution to Beta Theta Pi, as well as the community we serve at The University of Cincinnati.
The men of Beta Nu collaborate in brotherhood, working in teams of well intended, self governed gentlemen, wishing to remain the premier fraternity chapter at not only UC, but in Beta Theta Pi. We believe in our respectful commitment to both diversity and transparency in our daily habits, outreach and recruitment efforts, ensuring purposeful, guided perpetuity to Beta Theta Pi and our mission. 
We reflect on our actions and activities, wishing to learn from them, in order to perform in a fashion which surpasses those of our heritage, as well as those whom will follow us, proudly serving as Men of Beta Theta Pi.”
Timothy Naab
Beta Nu Recruitment Adviser